Caught in a storm

I don’t know if I would really consider myself a runner, but I do enjoy it from time to time. It’s never something I do super consistently, but sometimes I just need to get away for a little while and move. Running often gives me that escape.

A few weeks ago, I decided to run a few miles in the rain. I love rain. It’s refreshing, crisp, and often peaceful. But that is not exactly what I experienced…

As soon as I left my house, I knew I should not have been out there. It was actually a pretty bad thunderstorm with pouring rain and heavy wind. But of course, me being who I am, I just kept on going without a care in the world.

About a mile in, the rain got worse. It was now pouring heavily, and the wind had picked up. It felt like the rain was coming at me from the side, and I couldn’t see very much in front of me. Every few seconds I heard crashes of thunder and it appeared as if the bolts of lightening were right in front of me. I can remember multiple firetrucks and ambulances rushing by me, most likely due to fires from the lightening. I remember thinking to myself: they must think I’m an idiot.

And all of a sudden, I was aware of the real danger I was in. Images of getting struck by lightening and trees falling over me began to flood my mind. I thought, how depressing it would be if I died because I was stupid enough to go running in this thunderstorm.

As I continued to look up at the sky, I thought to myself how this was just a glimpse of God’s power.

I remember saying, “God, you could take me right now. I am just a speck, and you have the power to destroy me.” I felt pretty small at that moment.

But then in the midst of everything, I felt at peace. As I was praying, I felt like the Lord was telling me that He doesn’t need a storm to destroy anything. He is God, and He has and will always have the power to do His will. If for some reason He wanted to crush me…He could, with or without a storm.

In that moment, I knew that I was in no more danger than any other time in my life. In fact, amidst the wind, pouring rain, and thunder, I almost felt safer. I was reminded of how powerful God is, but also how He cares for me and protects me.

Although I wouldn’t recommend messing with storms, God used this to show me that He is in control and that my worries and fears are so much smaller than He is. Though life often throws us many “storms,” I am continuously needing to remind myself who is in control of them.

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